Sandip Walke

Founder CEO, epoc fitness and Charlie Messenger. 


I am a serial entrepreneur. Founder CEO of, epoc fitness and Charlie Messenger.

I have Expertise in Software and Web Development, Blockchain based DAPP’s, Project Design and Project Management. I’m also a NFT Artist and published few NFT’s as well.

I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate. I started to code since I was 17. In 2005 -06, For me Internet was very fascinating thing like a fictional world where any one can be a super hero. Since then, 

I started to work on ideas and for execution, started to learn software tools, programming languages. From web design/development(HTML5/CSS3/PHP/MySQL) to graphic design, Digital Marketing and software development including mobile apps (both native and hybrid) to database management learnt many things.

Then with solidity got into the blockchain. While working on freelancing projects, I learned to manage projects as well. But not everything is perfect for me, sales are something I guess I need to study on. You can summarize it as Jack of all trades but masters of none (actually few😉).

My focus is now to work on AI/ML stuff more and off-course Blockchain Tech too.


I think today’s technology era has the power to change the lives of one billion Indians. So, I always try to find ways which would change the way People approach technology. 

I hope my work would have some benefit in their life.