My Entrepreneurial Journey

Started career with freelancing.

I worked as a M.D. and CTO with KCC Software LTD., Nagpur. We launched a platform named “My Nagpur” – A local offer discovery platform.

After I left the company, under my firm 

Managed political campaigns of several parties.

Provided services and developed web products for Yavatmal Police Department.

Developed software for Chandrapur District Sickle Cell Project.

Worked  as a co-founder on Online Fashion Startup.

Worked as co-founder on Cloud Kitchen and Meal Delivery Startup.

Launched a eRupee (e₹) Token based on Ethereum Blockchain.

Founded mubaraQ ho.

Founded epoc fitness.


mubaraQ ho

India’s only marketplace for event services, also aims to unite event industry and helps the customers to find the right vendor for their event.

epoc fitness

A fitness platform which combines the best things from traditional nutritionist and Artificial Intelligence. 

epoc fitness promo